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Why does paper bag cause more damage to the environment?

Why does paper bag cause more damage to the environment?

Four times more energy is consumed to produce paper bag

According to the news compiled by BBC Turkish, a survey conducted by the Northern Irish Assembly in 2011 revealed that the energy required to produce a paper bag was four times the energy required for a plastic bag. Unlike plastic bags made from waste from oil refineries, forests need to be cut down for paper bags. More chemicals are used in the manufacturing process than plastic bags.

More energy is consumed when transporting the paper bag


The pouch paper weighs more than the disposable plastic bag. Therefore, it produces more energy during transportation and thus carbon footprint.

In order to combat climate change, new forests need to be planted instead of the forests cut in paper bag production.


20 more clean water is used to produce the paper bag according to the reusable cloth bags and bags.
For the production of reusable cloth bags and cloth bags; almost no water is used. the biggest value of the next hundred years is our clean water resources. In countries like the Indian and Pakistani countries, water usage is no longer controlled and drought and thirst are often encountered in summer. Access to clean water resources is difficult every day in our world, the amount of water used in the production of paper and chemicals used in our clean water is not negligible to suphesizki.
While stopping the plastic poset cope to go, (in short doing a favor) to cut down the forests from the other side, the most valuable clean water assets are the way to break.


Paper bags are perceived as disposable and discarded at the first use question
Since the use of paper bags and paper bags is common in use; most paper bags are disposed of without recycle. The paper bags that go to the Cope cannot be reused because the paper bags are not durable and cause environmental pollution.

01 Ağustos 2019