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You are safe with Bodyguard!  Bodygard disposable coverall confirms with category III Type5 and Type 6 . Our disposable coveralls are used in painters suit, disposable chemical protection suits, ebola protection kits, swine flue protection coveralls, ebola coveralls and many more protection applications.   Bodygard disposable coveralls  Standards: ◦Passes EN1149-5 for antistatic properties  ◦Passes EN1073-2 for protection against radioactive particulate contamination  ◦Passes EN 14126 for protection against biological hazards and infective agents  ◦Complies with EN 374-3:2003 standard for protection against chemicals  ◦Conforms to Category 3 - Complex Design Personal Protective Equipment PPE Directive 89/686/EEC  ◦Tested against standard EN ISO 14605+A1:2009 spray tight protection (Type 4)  ◦Tested against standard EN ISO 13982-1+A1:2010 particle tight protection (Type 5) ◦Tested against standard EN ISO 13034:2005 limited splash protection (Type 6)   disposable coverall type5 / type 6 coverall disposable chemical protection suit painters suit ebola protection kit H1N1 virus swine flue avian flu H5N1 swine flue protection coverall ebola coverall