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Innovative non-woven bags


Every year the European Commission and countries worldwide are fighting to reduce the plastic bag usage. Many EU countries including Germany, Austria, France,  Italy, United Kingdom, Greece and others introduced bans or eco-taxes on standard plastic carrier bags.

Therefore every year companies of various scale are looking for new solutions how to move from plastic bags to reusable bags.

The biggest problem is the cost. Normally ordinary plastic carrier bag costs around 0,07 – 0,15 EUR excl VAT much less than if to compare with standard 80 gsm reusable bag.

Research and development

EPOSETCI  back in 2016 started to research and develop material which could change the plastic bags.

The material had to be strong, lightweight, non-transparent, reusable and cost wise had to be as close as possible to ordinary plastic carrier bag.

At the end of 2017 we introduced the innovation that will replace the ordinary plastic bags.

innovative loop handle non-woven pp shopping bag that replaces plastic carrier bags


E POSETCI introduces the special branded bag T SHIRT BAGS.

This bag comes as T SHIRT STYLE with bottom gusset only in size: Most common super market size are 30cm widht and 50 cm Height. 

T shirt stype Supermarket and Market bags which is produced from innovative material has the following advantages:




100% recyclable


Low energy consumption during production


Soft touch material


Easily foldable


Good opacity


Water based inks used in production


60% lower price than standard reusable bags


Price level is same to single use plastic bags


The only alternative which fully replaces single use plastic bags


Can hold up 15 kg of weight


Made in European Union


Short lead times



“Zero Waste”; waste management, more efficient use of resources, waste generation by reviewing the causes of waste generation is prevented or minimized waste, waste collection occurs at the source of separate collection and recovery is provided as a goal defined as the philosophy of waste management.

About Zero Waste
Disposal of wastes without recycling in the process of recycling and recovery leads to serious material losses both in material and energy. While the population and living standards on the world are increasing, there is an inevitable increase in consumption and this situation increases the pressure on our natural resources and disrupts the balance of the world and our limited resources cannot meet the increasing needs. Considering this situation, the importance of efficient use of natural resources becomes more significant. That is why, in recent years, zero waste application works have been widespread both in the individual and institutional and municipal areas.

Advantages to be provided by taking zero waste approach as basis;

❖ Increased productivity,
❖ Increased performance due to clean environment,
❖ Reducing costs since waste is prevented,
❖ Ensuring the reduction of environmental risks,
❖ Ensuring that employees have the sense of tüketici sensitive consumer ından as they contribute to the development of environmental protection awareness within the organization,
❖ Ensuring that the institution has the title of ci Environmentalist larda in national and international markets and thus increasing its prestige.